Frequently Asked Questions

Your Guide to Electrical Industry Insights

  1. Q) How long is the program?
  2. A) Our program is a four-year work while going to school program.
  3. Q) How much does the program cost?
  4. A) Our programs tuition and books vary from year to year though it is roughly $2300 for each year broken into payments throughout that year.
  1. Q) How do I create a TradeSchool account?
  2. A) On our website, go to the links tab. This will have a link that will take you to TradeSchool to create an account. Once your account has been approved you can sign up for classes or start an application.
  3. Q) How can I sign up for Continuing Education classes?
  4. A) Log into your TradeSchool account and go to the tab called “Class Schedule.” Here, you can look through and search all of the classes we currently offer.
  1. Q) What does the expiration date on the application mean?
  2. A) The expiration date only pertains to the amount of time the applicant has access to the application. The application will remain active in our system even after it expires.
  3. Q) What if I do not meet the math qualifications?
  4. A) We provide a math course you can sign up for and complete that will qualify you for our program. It is located under the resources tab.
  5. Q) How do I start an application?
  6. A) First, you need to create a TradeSchool account. Once your account has been approved, log in to your account, and under the “Applications” tab, select Inside Wireman Apprenticeship from the dropdown menu.
  7. Q) Does it cost money to start an application?
  8. A) Yes, there is a $25 processing fee that you will be prompted to pay before you can fill out an application.
  9. Q) Im having trouble getting my documents uploaded, what can I do?
  10. A) You can send them to our email in PDF form and we will upload them to your application. Please include your first and last name in any correspondence.
  11. Q) How do I know if my application has been submitted?
  12. A) Once you have hit the “Save and Submit” button on each, and all, steps of the application, it will be completed and pending review.
  13. Q) Can I still qualify for the program if I didn’t get a C in two semesters of algebra or can’t get a hold of my transcripts?
  14. A) Yes, you can still qualify. You will have to complete the NJATC Tech Math Course. Once you have completed the course, upload the certificate in place of your transcripts, and this will allow you to qualify for the program.
  15. Q) I went to a non-union electrical program, can my school credits transfer?
  16. A) Unfortunately, no. We do not accept transfers from non-union apprenticeships. However, we will more than likely accept your on-the-job training hours. Please ensure you submit your OTJ hours as paystubs or W-2’s so that they can be evaluated.
  17. Q) I completed my application; how long will it take to hear back from the apprenticeship?
  18. A) Depending on the number of applicants, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to around a month to hear back from us.
  19. Q) Are there study materials for the aptitude test?
  20. A) No. The aptitude test is a measure of your current reading and math comprehension skills.
  21. Q) I had an application, but it’s gone now, what happened?
  22. A) There are a variety of reasons we may be closed your application. More than likely, it either expired and was incomplete or you did not show up to the aptitude test or interview. If any of these are the case, you will need to start a new application and pay the processing fee again. If you feel that your application was closed for any other reason, please reach out to us through our email and we can investigate your case.
  23. Q) My aptitude test has been scheduled for a Saturday, is this correct?
  24. A) Yes, aptitude tests are scheduled on Saturdays, as needed. Google will still show the campus as closed. Please follow the instructions on your Aptitude Test Schedule email.
  1. Q) When will I know if I have been selected to the program?
  2. A) Our current selection date is located on our “How to Apply” tab. It is typically a month or two before the next semester starts.
  3. Q) Do I need to sign up for my classes?
  4. A) No, we place everyone into the classes that they need for their current semester.
  1. Q) Can I give my key card to another student if I no longer need it?
  2. A) No! Your key card will be de activated when you are no longer in the program.
  3. Q) My Key Card is not working, I need a new one!
  4. A) Email webservices, you will be contacted with instructions to pick up your new key card and how to turn in your non-working key card.
  5. Q) I lost my key card!
  6. A) Log in to your TradeSchool account. Click on the “Class Schedule” tab. Under the Classes by credit tab, click on the “Books/Supplies” tab. Click the “View” button on the PEJATC Facility Access Card tab. Enter required information and click on the “shopping cart” icon. Pay for key card. Send screen shot of receipt to webservices. You will be contacted with instructions to pick up your new key card.
  7. Q) I have been contacted by the PEJATC to return my key card after I exited the program.
  8. A) Please mail/drop off your key card at the West Campus located at 4016 N Black Canyon Hwy. Phoenix AZ 85017.
  9. Q) What are the school hours?
  10. A) First years go to school one full day every other week. Second through fourth years go to school at night once a week.
  11. Q) What is the attendance policy?
  12. A) First-year apprentices are given two absences they must makeup to continue their semester. Second through fourth year are given four absences, and they must makeup two of them.
  13. Q) I applied for the Maricopa Workforce Grant; how do I know if I received it?
  14. A) It takes time for the grant applications to be reviewed and processed. Usually, the Maricopa Workforce Staff will notify you if you have been approved or denied for the grant.
  15. Q) I have questions regarding the requirements to enroll for the Maricopa Workforce Grant or questions about my current grant; who do I contact to assist me?
  16. A) Please contact for any questions regarding enrollments and pending or current grants. Phoenix Electrical JATC staff can’t help you with questions about a Maricopa Workforce Grant.
  17. Q) How do I pay for Tuition, Books, and Makeup classes?
  18. A) An invoice will be placed under the “My Account” tab in your TradeSchool account. Click on the “Bill Pay” tab. There will be a red circle above an unpaid invoice. Under “Outstanding Balances”, click “View Invoice”, proceed to “Pay Now.” There, you can enter your payment information for your semester charges. 
  19. Q) My hours do not reflect what I worked.
  20. A) Hours are reported to your TradeSchool account directly from your employer. We receive those hours in our office between the 20th and 24th of each month for the previous month’s work. These hours are reported based on pay-periods, therefore, if a pay-period crosses months, all hours from that pay-period will be counted within the month of the pay-date. Example: June 2023’s hours would include May 28-31, which was paid on June 8th. June 25-30, 2023, would be counted for July’s hours, since the pay-date for those hours is on July 6th.
  21. Q) When will I receive my raise?
  22. A) Raises are issued for all qualified apprentices once per month, during the period of the 20th-24th of each month. The hours-threshold for raises are as follows: 1,000 hours, 2,000 hours, 3,500 hours, 5,000 hours, 6,500 hours, and 8,000 hours. When your TradeSchool account is updated between the 20th and 24th of each month with employer-reported hours, if your new level of OJT is within 300 hours of any threshold, and you are in compliance with the policies of the JATC, your raise will be automatically issued, and the effective date will be indicated on the notice sent to you and your employer. No action is needed on your part.

    Typical reasons that raises are declined are carrying <75% GPA, and monthly work reports are not completed. Click on the Resources tab -> Informational Videos for a tutorial on how to fill out your work reports.

  1. Q) How will I know where and when to go to a job assignment?
  2. A) Apprentices will receive an email stating all required information(Job site address, start time, directions) prior to starting the assignment. Email with questions.
  3. Q) What should I do with my pink slip if I get laid off or terminated.
  4. A) Apprentices should email a picture of the pink slip to and will be contacted by email when the next job assignment is available.
  1. Q) How can I start the transfer process?
  2. A) You must first be granted approval from your current JATC. After you have been granted approval, you can reach out to the JATC you wish to transfer to and get their approval as well.
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