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About us


Empowering Electrical Workers Since 1891: Uniting Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) has been representing electrical workers since 1891. Today, they are the largest electrical union in the world. In 1941 the IBEW and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) teamed up to establish apprenticeships and training programs for the electrical industry in the US and Canada. These programs provide the industry with the skilled workforce it needs to succeed. The Phoenix Electrical Apprenticeship Program was officially established with the state of Arizona in July of 1943. We started with just a few apprentices in our program and now we have grown to have over 800! We are so proud to have such a large and growing group of apprentices who are passionate about their trade and committed to learning new skills. We are the leading source in Arizona for training Apprentices and Journeymen Inside Wiremen for the Electrical Construction Industry today.

About the Program

Earn while you learn

At the Phoenix Electrical Apprenticeship Program, we prepare our students for careers in the electrical industry as journey level workers. Students progress through the program’s accelerated 5-year, state recognized curriculum guided by our journey level instructors, while also learning hands-on skills under the supervision of our journey level workers on construction jobsites for 8,000 hours. As students progress through our 4-year program, they will learn increasingly advanced knowledge and skills while gaining the confidence they need to succeed before and after graduation. While in the program they will earn competitive wages and benefits from the very beginning! All our apprentices will be assigned to work in a full-time position with one of our signatory contractors through the  training Center. Currently our first-year apprentices attend school at our facility one day every two weeks for training. Meanwhile our second through fourth year apprentices go to work during the day and attend school once a week during the evening.

Board of Trustees

Driving Progress in the Electrical Industry

Labor Trustees

Name: James Crutchfield

Title: Business Manager; IBEW L.U. 640

Position: Trustee

Name: Dennis Anthony

Title: Labor Trustee

Position: Trustee

Name: Stephan Cole

Title: Corporate Field Trainer; Rosendin Electric

Position: Trustee 

Name: Jason Dempsey

Title: Business Agent;  IBEW L.U. 640

Position: Chairman

Management Trustees

Name: Debra Margraf

Title: AZ Chapter NECA Manager

Position: Trustee

Name: Brian Swain

Title: Principle; Swain Electric 

Position: Secretary

Name: Chris Carrasco

Title: Executive Director of AZ Operations; B&D

Position: Trustee

Name: Kyreece Wappner

Title: Superintendent; Cannon and Wendt Electric

Position: Trustee


Our Trusted Collaborators Fueling Electrical Excellence

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